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"I want to thank the staff at the IIIC as much as I can for the help they offered. The IIIC was there from beginning to end- they were a big help because they made sure everything [in my citizenship application process] was done correctly." - Lemina, Immigration Legal Services

"For years, I hadn't known what was going on for me. I didn't have the words for it. Working with Rachel, I learnt I have anxiety and depression, and I can do something about it. It can get better." - Danny, Wellness Services

"This class has helped me so much. Now I can do my job better than before, I can talk with other people, and I am comfortable. This is the beginning- I hope to continue studying here and to keep improving." Veronica, Education Services

"The [Irish Work and Travel] program is by far the best opportunity for graduates who want to gain vital work experience and go on a life-changing adventure. My program to San Diego, California provided me with professional and person development that was unparalleled to any other option." Christopher, Irish J-1 Exchange Program

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